Pella Double-Hung

Easy Cleaning Energy Efficient Replacement Windows

Easy Cleaning Double-Hung Windows

Spring is here!  As the days get warmer, and you try to open the windows in your home, you may realize they do not properly open.  Also your windows could use a good cleaning.  Either you pull out your tallest ladder in hopes it will reach the top windows, or call around to find someone to clean them for you.  Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way?  There is.  New Double Hung Windows offer a tilt feature which allows you to tilt the lower and upper sash inward for easy cleaning of both sides.

Angie’s List Review

Window Replacements of Georgia knows that there are many window replacement companies that carry the same products around the North Metro Atlanta, but can they all do the same quality of work? One of our clients and also an Angie’s List member, recently gave us an outstanding review. “Hal and his team were excellent–great communication…