Energy Efficient Entry Doors to Impress

As the old saying goes, you don’t get that second chance to make that first good impression.  Funny, this also can speak of your entry door.  As the focal point for visitors, potential homebuyers and everyone who looks at your home’s exterior, your entry door plays a crucial role in the perceived value and personality of your home.

Although most homeowners have the same entry wood door as when they bought the house, it may be time to invest in an entry door that speaks to who you are as a homeowner but also stays within the architectural detailing of the home.

A Client’s Ideal Front Door

Window Replacements of Georgia asked a client, “if you could choose the ideal front door for your house what would it look like?” The first style that drew her attention was this one below: She picked this one because it seemed “classy yet unique.” This particular customer lives in a very traditional neighborhood and wanted…