Therma Tru Doors

Therma-Tru allows you to be very creative in designing an inspired entrance through the many options they offer.

With more than 50 years of industry experience and technology, Therma-Tru has the reputation of delivering high-quality, low-maintenance exterior doors. They manufacture everything from the glass to the hinges, engineered with precision for durability and reliability for years to come.

When choosing the right door for you, consider;

  • The size of your doorway
  • Style of your home
  • Prefer paint or stain
  • How much light or privacy is desired

Door Design

From Classic to contemporary, Therma-Tru has a door to compliment the architecture of your home and your sense of style.

Door Construction

  • Weather Resistant – Composite rails protect the door at the bottom and top edges to help block moisture that can leak into doors.
  • Security – A beam of engineered lumber beam runs along the locking system to increase rigidity and stability.  
  • Durability – Provides very little maintenance.  Unlike wood, fiberglass will not warp or rot.  Unlike steel, it will not dent or rust.
  • R-Values – Built with a polyurethane foam core which offers four times the insulating of R-value of wood, providing energy efficiency.  
  • Note: Enhanced Weather Resistance (tested and designed to resist against extreme weather conditions and damaging effect of moisture) and Edge-to-Edge Moisture Protection (have hardwood and composite edges that help prevent moisture penetration at every turn) can be found in the Classic-Craft Premium Entryways

Decorative & Specialty Glass

  • A wide variety of glass designs
  • Numerous glass colors, textures, and shapes
  • Decorative glass is handcrafted and built with all-glass bevels for premium quality
  • Varying levels of privacy and light options
  • All Low-E and clear glass panels are tempered to provide safety, an` Energy Star Partner