Replacement Window Solutions

Energy-efficient replacement windows from Window Replacements of Georgia can save you hundreds on your replacement windows and power bill while enhancing the beauty of your home.


  • Is your house cold in the winter and hot in the summer? Drafty windows can cause your energy bills to be 10-25% higher, depending on your current windows. Want to reduce your bills, consider the replacement of energy efficient windows.
  • Have you noticed fading of your flooring and furniture near your windows? Replacement windows with low-e coatings reduce UV rays that cause this fading.
  • Are your windows broken, damaged, warped, or fogged? Do they stick and hard to open or close? Having problems keeping them open as they want to drop down? While repairing is an option, it tends to be more of a Band-Aid to future problems.
Pella casement push out
  • Does you home need a makeover or facelift? Thinking of selling your home soon? New energy efficient windows are a great selling point. They are one of the most prominent features of a home, and if they look worn out, so will your house.  Replacing with attractive new windows will not only make buyers and your neighbors take notice, but make you smile when you come home.  Who says people don’t judge a book by its cover? While upgrading your home’s appearance, you may think of changing the type of window for more enjoyment. The perfect switch is over the kitchen sink by replacing the single or double-hung window with a casement window that opens like a door letting in fresh air. The window is operated by a roto-operator or handle.
  • Do you have noisy neighbors or have road noise? You may love living close to where the action is, but you don’t want to hear this when trying to sleep. Double-pane windows can reduce the noise. For serious noise reduction, consider windows with triple pane glass and/or contain argon between the glass panes. Wider air spaces and thicker glass reduce the noise more.
  • Do you hate the continual painting? Some of today’s replacement windows save you in maintenance cost and convenience, as the newer windows don’t require the constant upkeep of scraping, replacing putty and new paint.  Look to different exteriors, products for your new windows that provide the insulation of wood, but are low-maintenance, and colors to match your home’s trim color.
Pella color clad
Pella double hung
  • Are you scared of climbing a ladder to clean your windows? Homes that are more than one story pose a problem if you choose to clean your own windows, but nervous on the ladder. Check out windows that features sashes that tilt in for easier cleaning.  No need to hire a window washer.


There are many brands on the market, with the majority offering energy efficiency options.  Some things to consider when making your choice in replacement windows;
  • The style of your home. Your windows should not distract, but compliment your home.
  • The value of your home. Which brand offers you the desired features important when thinking of resale, and will allow you to recoup the cost in the sale of your home.
  • The exterior trim of the windows. What is important to you? Low maintenance, color, design?
  • Your budget. If replacing all the windows at one time seems daunting, break the project into phases, concentrating on the rooms with the most urgent need.

Pella, Marvin, MI and Jeld Wen are some of the most popular brands we offer in wood & vinyl.  We also work with local mill shops to custom order windows.


Depending on the style of your home, the appearance you want to achieve, and features of the windows that are important to you, will all play a part in your decision.
  • Double Hung– vertically operated window which has an upper and lower sash that both can slide up and down.
  • Bay– consist of a central picture window flanked by a pair of narrow windows which can open, and are set at an angle providing a panoramic view.
  • Casement– with a side-hinged sash that opens like a door and operated by a handle.
  • Awning– with a top hinged sash that swings out at the bottom, allowing fresh air in but keeping other elements out.
  • Sliders– offer the same features as double-hung, but slide horizontal and do not provide the tilt-in sash.
  • Sunroom– convert the screen porch into a sunroom to avoid the hassles of the pollen season.  The type windows will depend on the layout of the sunroom and the features you want.
  • Picture & Architectural Shapes– can create graceful curves to contemporary angles, adding that special touch to your home.

If you are looking to replace your windows, we have the solutions to turn your dreams into a reality. There are so many reasons to replace your windows.