Battling Humidity And Condensation With The Proper Windows

Answers To All Your Foggy Window Questions

Do you notice your windows looking foggy or milky? This is most likely caused by condensation between your double-pane windows. Condensation is the result of high humidity and low temperatures colliding, like your AC blowing against a window in the muggy summer heat. The low temperature cools the water in the air, forming droplets inside your insulated windows. Not only is this annoying to look at, but it could also be a sign of a failing window. Window Replacements of Georgia located in Marietta is here to answer all your questions about humidity and condensation.

Condensation on Windows

With the dramatic changes in weather over the past few weeks, you might have seen more condensation on your windows than normal, like in the picture above. Window Replacements of Georgia not only offers you quality products and service but great information as well! I thought this would be a great time to revisit an…